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Special discounted pass for people under 13, 12 or 11 years old (depends on the railroads used)

-Benelux Germany Pass

Offers unlimited train travel within 2 months throughout Benelux and Germany in first and second class.

-Italy Spain Pass

Offers unlimited train travel within 2 months throughout Italy and Spain in first and second class.

-Norway Sweden Pass

Offers unlimited travel on the national rail network of Norway and Sweden.

-Croatia/Slovenia Hungary Pass

With our Hungary-Croatia-Slovenia Pass, travel within three very interesting European countries at your own pace.

-Denmark Germany Pass

The Eurail Denmark - Germany Pass entitles you to unlimited rail travel in Germany and Denmark

-BritRail Central Scotland

Have a desire to see Edinburgh Scotland? Or perhaps, explore Glasgow?

-Sognefjord in a nutshell

Travel Norway by rail and Expressboat through the Sognefjord.

-Britrail Pass

Visiting England?

-Britrail England Pass

Unlimited travel on the rail networks of England.

-Britrail Scottish Freedom Pass

Allows travel by rail plus ferries to the Scottish Islands.

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