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AD 75 stands for Agency Discounted - 75%.
These special passes indeed offer a 75% discount on regular prices.

They are proposed by the carriers to give a better opportunity to GSA Staff and Travel Agents on holiday in Europe to themselves discover, enjoy and promote their products…


Known mostly for its tumbling gymnasts and vampire heritage, Romania is also an adventure traveler’s dream.

-Benelux Germany Pass

Offers unlimited train travel within 2 months throughout Benelux and Germany in first and second class.

-Norway Sweden Pass

Offers unlimited travel on the national rail network of Norway and Sweden.

-Croatia/Slovenia Hungary Pass

With our Hungary-Croatia-Slovenia Pass, travel within three very interesting European countries at your own pace.

-Denmark Germany Pass

The Eurail Denmark - Germany Pass entitles you to unlimited rail travel in Germany and Denmark

-Hungary Romania Pass

The Hungary-Romania pass gives you unlimited travel through these two Eastern European countries.

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